Why Mad Butcher:

Mad Butcher Salsa is shipped directly from our kitchen to yours! It maintains it's original, fresh quality. Most salsa can sit in a warehouse or on a grocery store shelf for months before it gets to you.

Mad Butcher Salsa was developed by real people from garden fresh vegetables in Northwest Iowa - not produced in some food laboratory by geeks who know nothing about flavor!

If you didn't know that Mad Butcher came in a bottle, you'd swear that mom or granny made it last fall! No pasty fillers - just a pure veggie experience.

Mad Butcher Salsa was born in the early 1990s! It's following grows each and every day. Mad Butcher is shipped to loyal fans all over the country - from California to Florida!

Mad Butcher Salsa is more than just a dip. It can be used in countless ways. Try it in soups and stews - on eggs or in omelets. Let your imagination run wild!

The Mad Butcher guarantees that once you try his salsa, you just can't go back. It will be in your fridge forever!