The Story

Actually, the Mad Butcher has a dual identity. He is Raelynn and Ron Sanculi, hailing from Ruthven, in Northwest Iowa.

Since the early 1990s, the couple was dissatisfied with the commercial salsa on the market. With a shared passion for cooking, they embarked on a personal journey to develop a product that was not so "pasty and tomatoey", and more like that homemade quality.
Gathering fresh vegetables from their backyard garden, they set forth on a mission that would span over the next two years.

They planted different combinations of vegetables, raising dozens of varieties of peppers, tomatoes, and onions. They diced and chopped, added and deleted spices and other catalysts, then boiled and brewed until they finally had their finished product.

After refining their formula over the next two years, they were totally confident they had given birth to the best salsa in the universe!

The Mad Butcher truly believes the ultimate reason they have enjoyed and sustained the success they have is simply the quality of the product. Over the past years we have received hundreds and hundreds of phone calls and letters from consumers who have become "addicted" to the salsa. On a daily basis, we ship our product to people all over the country who have enjoyed Mad Butcher Salsa but for some reason or another are unable to purchase it in their area.

Although we do salsa sampling demonstrations and some advertising, most of our growth can be attributed to word of mouth and Mad Butcher Salsa's own osmosis.